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Embracing Growth and Positivity: A January Reflection

As I step into my third January as a business owner, the air is filled with hope and excitement, much like the start of every new year. Surprisingly, this winter has been a delight in Minnesota, the least snowy experience since my move in 2011. While my kids miss the snow, I find joy in the ease of driving around, grateful for a warmer season.

Reflecting on this month, I've encountered uplifting and challenging days that have collectively shaped me into a stronger businesswoman. A personal highlight was hosting one of the largest Nepali concerts at the Granada Theater in Uptown on January 19th. Serving as a partner and emcee for this event allowed me to contribute to my Nepali community on a grander scale—a truly memorable experience that I am thankful for.

At Namaste Brows and Boutique, I am blessed to meet individuals from diverse walks of life. A profound experience this month involved a customer in her early 30s who shared her journey of resilience and hope. Despite facing a miscarriage and a divorce last year, her positive energy and goals for self-care and confidence were inspiring. It reinforced the importance of a positive mindset and the impact it can have on our lives.

Many conversations this month centered around the power of manifestation and speaking positivity into our lives. It's a daily reminder that influences both our personal growth and the well-being of those around us.

In line with my commitment to continuous improvement, we've completed the interior refresh of Namaste Brows and Boutique for the year. I invite everyone to come and experience the new vibe of our space. Open to new ideas and suggestions, I aim to create the best environment for both myself and my customers.

Renovating the office space was driven by the desire to offer additional services, such as lash extensions and eyebrow lamination. If you know anyone looking to rent a space or a chair, we welcome talented and caring individuals to join us in serving our customers.

Amidst efforts to grow my business, I've encountered criticism and negative reviews. While it can be challenging, I understand the importance of being intentional in providing better customer service and fostering a deeper understanding of each customer's background.

Even after negative experiences, I am committed to being myself, embracing each day, and welcoming diverse opinions. Attending a vendor event last weekend at Makwa was a positive experience, a reminder of the special connections made during the 26 markets I attended last winter. I eagerly look forward to more opportunities to be a vendor, interacting with different communities and sharing the richness of Nepali culture.

As January bids farewell, I am grateful for each day and excitedly welcome February, embracing the growth, positivity, and endless possibilities ahead.

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