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Namaste Brows & Boutique

Welcome to Namaste Brow & Boutique, where beauty meets authenticity. Founded by Jeena, a native of Nepal, our business is more than just a place for eyebrow threading and boutique earrings. It's a sanctuary where individuals can embrace their true selves and find a sense of belonging.

Growing up as a tomboy, Jeena experienced the struggle of conforming to societal expectations. Determined to create an environment where everyone can flourish, she embarked on a mission to nurture authenticity and empower others to do the same. In 2011, Jeena brought her vision to Minnesota, settling in the vibrant City of Roseville, where she has been an integral part of the community ever since.

Namaste Brow & Boutique is Jeena's newest venture, born out of her passion and dedication to fostering spaces that celebrate individuality. As a minority woman-owned small business, we take pride in our diverse and inclusive approach. Our services extend beyond eyebrow threading, encompassing a carefully curated selection of boutique earrings and unique gift items sourced directly from Nepal.

This store is the realization of years of planning and relentless effort. Every detail has been meticulously crafted to ensure a safe and welcoming haven for all. From the warm, inviting lighting to the comfortable seating, we have created an ambiance where you can feel at ease and truly be yourself.

At Namaste Brow & Boutique, we believe that beauty shines brightest when authenticity is embraced. Whether you're seeking to enhance your brows, adorn yourself with exquisite earrings, or simply connect with a community that celebrates individuality, we invite you to join us. Let us be your trusted destination for not only impeccable services and handpicked treasures, but also for a genuine experience that uplifts and empowers. Together, let's celebrate the beauty within and radiate it to the world.

Women Owned
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