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Finding Inspiration in Rainy Days: A Heartwarming Conversation

As I sit here on this rainy June day, reflecting on how nature encourages us to embrace stillness and productivity, I'm reminded of a beautiful interaction I had recently. Last week, I had the pleasure of chatting with an 18-year-old customer who will soon be leaving St. Paul for college in Chicago. Her visit to my boutique, Namaste Brows and Boutique began with a simple desire for eyebrow threading, but our conversation quickly delved into deeper topics.

Curious about her journey to Chicago, I learned that none of the Minnesota colleges she applied to had accepted her. Despite feeling disheartened, she maintained a friendly demeanor and shared her plans to study journalism at a small college in Chicago, having recently graduated from a private high school here in St. Paul.

I couldn't help but relate to her story. I, too, had faced challenges in my academic journey, particularly with mathematics, which led me to doubt my ability to attend college. But here I am today, a proud graduate of Bethel University with a degree in healthcare and organizational leadership, the owner of Namaste Brows and Boutique and mentor to many.

Our conversation turned to resilience and finding one's path in life. I encouraged her to stay true to herself and pursue what truly makes her happy, rather than succumbing to societal pressures. She expressed her passion for helping others, which resonated deeply with me. I shared how important it is to nurture a kind heart and how it transcends any academic subject.

As I write this blog, I'm thinking of all the young people preparing for college. My wish for them is to discover their own strengths, find their calling, and navigate their journey with self-belief and determination. I pray they encounter inspiring friends and teachers who empower them to create lasting memories and lead fulfilling lives.

I am grateful for the safe haven my boutique provides, where customers like her can feel beautiful inside and out, and where meaningful conversations can blossom. Rainy days remind us to slow down, reflect, and appreciate the connections we make along the way.

Thank you for the rain and sunshine and all the little and big things.

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